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ABOUT Hamilton Farm Doodles

Hey there, I’m Abby, welcome to the Hamilton Farm Doodle family!

We breed Bernedoodles on our spacious 5-acre family farm. With all of our five kids pitching in, we make sure each pup gets plenty of love and socialization from day one.

Our parent dogs are genetically tested, and all of them have great personalities. Not only do we breed healthy and family-friendly puppies, we also offer a variety of beautiful colors and varieties—merles, minis, browns, ultras, you name it!

From potty training to crate training, we start them off right. Our goal? Happy, well-adjusted pups raised in a loving home environment. There’s enough scary things in this world as it is, your puppy should be confident and comfortable in their own skin. That’s why we team up with Baxter and Bella training, and integrate Puppy Culture techniques; because each pup deserves a paw-sitive start!đŸ˜‰

Beyond breeding, these pups are family. We pour our hearts into each one, ensuring they’re ready to become cherished companions in their forever homes. Summer, our second oldest daughter, helps so much with all the puppies and always struggles with the goodbyes. These cuties are very much implanted in our hearts and lives, and we hope to stay connected with each of our amazing parent families in the future. 

Join us in spreading the joy of Bernedoodles, one wagging tail at a time!

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