Daisy + Xander

We expect a litter of mini bernedoodles with merle in early fall.

Daisy and Xander's puppies will be F1b Bernedoodles. They will be about 20-45 pounds.

Daisy is an F1 bernedoodle and she is 25 pounds. She is a friend to everyone and likes to snuggle.
She has a beautiful non-shedding coat that is wavy.

Xander is a poodle and weighs 27 pounds. He is just like a poodle, in that he hates to be dirty and prefers
to be inside close to his people. Xander is very intelligent and wants to please.

They both have great personalities and have had beautiful, smart, and especially sweet puppies.
Most of their puppies will have curly coats and a few will be wavy. They will be low-shedding and hypoallergenic.

Expected weight is 20-45 pounds.

Past Puppies

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