Nia + Alibi

We are so excited for this litter!
If you have always wanted a bernese but the shedding and size
was a problem, then these are the puppies for you!

These cuties are 75% bernese and 25% poodle.
They have the laid-back personality, classic pattern, and look of the bernese,
with the non-shedding, hypoallergenic benefits of the poodle.
They will have straight or wavy coats.

Nia is a 60 pound snuggle bug with beautiful markings and a sweet disposition.
She has had gorgeous puppies.

Alibi weighs 38 pounds and has luxurious, inky, black, lush, low-maintenance,
non-shedding coat. He has the perfect, stocky bernese build with
a low-medium energy level. He loves to please!

The expected weight for Nia and Alibi's puppies is 40-60 pounds.

Our Partner in Training:

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