Forms, Documentation and Policies

Parent Documentation

HFD Guarantee

We guarantee that your puppy will be free of diseases, congenital, and genetic defects. We will not knowingly breed or sell puppies that are unhealthy.


We further guarantee that we will strive to keep the puppy healthy by providing a clean, safe environment from birth until adoption. We guarantee your puppy until age one against any life threatening or significant quality of life altering, congenital or genetic birth defect. Before adoption, puppies will be examined by our veterinarian. This will include ears, eyes, teeth, bite, heart, lungs, lymph nodes, knees, hips, range of motion of joints, bone structure and overall health. Your puppy will be current on shots, deworming, and will have a fecal exam. 


We don’t guarantee against Giardia or Coccidia. This common parasite in dogs is caused by stress and transmitted by healthy adult carriers. If found, we will treat with the recommended dewormer and provide vet documentation. 


We recommend that you have your puppy checked by your Veterinarian within 5 days of pickup to confirm the health of your puppy.


Reservation List

A $200 non-refundable deposit is required to hold your spot on any future litters. This deposit is transferable to another litter if you don’t find the perfect puppy in the originally desired litter. In the event that not enough puppies are born for you to choose a puppy, your reservation will transfer to the next available spot on the next acceptable list. You agree to these terms when you decide to submit your deposit. We will work with you and make sure you are aware of your options with each litter. 


Deposits can be made through Venmo @abigail-hamilton-36

Please submit a puppy application form and wait for approval before submitting your payment.


When a litter arrives, I will send a picture of the newborn litter identifying the parents and newborn males and females to everyone on that litter’s Wait List. I will let you know the exact pickup date for the pups and will call/contact you in the order that your deposit came in. For example, if one of our moms has 6 puppies, I will send the newborn pictures to the first 6 families on the Wait list.


I will ask you 2 questions:

  1. Will the pick up date work for you? 
  2. Do you want a male or female? I will let you know where you’d be sitting for choosing a pup of a specific gender. THE INDIVIDUAL PUPS ARE NOT SELECTED UNTIL THEY ARE 5 WEEKS OLD. You won’t be selecting one at birth. Only the gender is decided at that point.

**We do reserve the right to allow picking sooner or later, as situations seem fit, and will alert the waitlist. 


Please note, transferring to another litter means you take the next available spot on the next litter of your choice, regardless of what spot you held on the previous litter. 


Puppy Selection

Puppy Selection happens around 5 weeks of age. Personalized FaceTime or Live Video Chats can be scheduled based on availability. 


On Puppy Selection Day, we follow the order of the reservation list for both genders. To secure your chosen puppy until pickup day, an additional fee of $300.00 is required, making a total of $500 in non-refundable deposits deducted from the final price. The remaining balance is due in cash upon pickup or delivery.


Delivery Options

Flight Option:

  • If you choose, we can deliver the puppy to your nearby airport in person. To fly with your puppy, the cost is $350 for the day, in addition to 1 round trip airfare and the airline’s $125 pet fee.
  • If another family receives a puppy on the same flight, you will receive a $100 discount. If you are purchasing 2 puppies, the addition of the second puppy is free.

Ground Option:

  • Ground transportation is priced at $1.00 per mile for the round trip.
  • If another dog is added to the delivery, there is a discounted rate of $0.70 per mile.

Contact Us

We are located in Buda, Illinois. Two hours west of Chicago.

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