Sophie / Xander

Puppies Expected Fall of 2024

Sophie and Maverick's puppies will be F1b Bernedoodles.
Expected weight is 35-55 pounds.

Sophie is an F1 standard bernedoodle and is the dream dog.
She loves to be with her people and keeps a close eye on everyone.
She has always been good about keeping an eye on my 5 kids and letting me know when someone has left the pack. 😉
She loves everyone she meets and has never met a stranger. She is easy-going but don't let that fool you;
she is the boss and all our dogs don't step out of line with her around!
She has a beautiful tan-based sable coat and passes it on to half of her babies.
The sable coat can become a light tan or can remain a brown with black mixed in.

Maverick is a mini poodle from Shaggy Glam Doodle Ranch. He carries beautiful colors and a great temperament.
All Sophie and Maverick's babies will have a soft, curly coat.

Past Puppies of Sophie


Sophie carries a sable gene, so her puppies get adorable black and brown tips.

The brown many times will fade to apricot and the black to the shade Sophie has.

These are some pictures of Sophie's past litter.

Our Partner in Training:

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Our Partner in Training:

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